Is Sweet Tomatoes reopening in Arizona? Where and what we know so far

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson


Fans were heartbroken when Sweet Tomatoes announced in 2020 that the fast-casual restaurant chain would close all 97 of its locations across the country due to financial struggles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The buffet-style restaurant offered an unlimited soup and salad bar as well as pasta, pizza, baked potatoes, fresh bread and fan-favorite brownies and soft serve for dessert.

Prior to the pandemic, Arizona was home to nine Sweet Tomatoes locations. Soon, it will see the return of at least one.

The chain announced that it is making a comeback and chose Arizona for the first re-launched location.

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Where is Sweet Tomatoes reopening?

The former Sweet Tomatoes location at 6202 E. Broadway Boulevard in Tucson is set to reopen later this year, in either late summer or fall, under new management.

ST Three LLC purchased the intellectual property rights and chose to reopen the Tucson location because it was the most popular location in the state.


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Dennis Hudson
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